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"They did a great job. So nice to have a clean house again. They did some things that I had not done for at least 20 years."

Joan B. in Orlando, FL

"They went above and beyond what other cleaning services do. For example, they washed the windows inside and outside, polished the kitchen cabinets, dusted decorative items and cleaned the inside of the medicine cabinet. They were thorough and fabulous. I will use them again and I highly recommend them."


 Phyllis T. in The Villages, FL

"Enjoyed their service, would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again."

Greygory A. in Cocoa Beach ,FL


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Prices are subject to change without notice. There will also be a service fee up-charge to the quoted rate if there are infestations at location. We will use a sliding scale assessment on the level of cleanliness. 0-5 Scale with 0-being infestations and  5-being clean. This will determine the level of service required and what you will be charged. Please allow a 15-20 minute window of arrival due to traffic conditions to your schedule appointments.   Return Check Policy:  If there is a returned check a penalty fee of  $25.00  or 5% of the check amount whichever greater will be applied per occurrence  No Access Policy:  Access to home during the scheduled appointment time requires an authorized adult over the age of 18 to consent to the services granting full access , unless key or code  has been granted to cleaning area.. If we are unable to gain access to  your home during scheduled cleaning you will not be able to reschedule the appointment and  you will be responsible for the entire bill. There is a Non Refundable Deposit of 30% of the total bill of scheduled cleaning required.. Thank You!

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